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Who Am I?

My name is Sarah Humphries and I am a Castilian Spanish teacher. My passion is empowering people to speak Spanish, giving them a voice, and helping them to speak with confidence. I do Spanish events in Manchester, and offer private Spanish lessons via Skype.

Philosophy of My Teaching

There are many free resources online to learn Spanish, but without a teacher to guide you, it can be hard to direct your time effectively. As a teacher, I use my vast knowledge of the Spanish language and culture in order to tailor my classes to each student’s individual level, interests, and goals. I see myself as a linguistic personal trainer, and I promise you fast results, and speaking from day 1.

My Spanish Learning Journey

I first moved to Spain in 2010 after completing a degree in English Literature and Linguistics at the University of Liverpool. I was determined to put my knowledge of psycholinguistics to the test and learn my first foreign language as fast as possible. I tried many different methods, from podcasts, to many, many, MANY classes. As I explain here, I believe in the immersive method as outlined by the linguist Krashen, which is why I provide my students with a selection of material to listen and read  that peaks their individual interests.

I lived in Madrid for 3 years and I’ve lived in Bilbao for 5 years, and have visited many cities in Spain. In 2015 I did a masters at the University of the Basque Country in Feminism and Gender, all in Spanish.

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